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Our story

Hard labour works like Plumbing, AC installation, Cladding and plastering requires not only hard work but good skill too. Thats where we come with our team to get you rid of that problem.

Tackles is a leading of A-grade handyman providing company. Any repair or decoration work, whether it be Plumbing, Painting, Airconditioning, Floor and Wall fixing, and so on, Tackles is there for you.
We want to provide every repair or decoration and design services so that you dont need to go through the problem of searching different place for different service.
Tackles focuses on providing our clients the best service anyone can provide and make your lives convinient and comfortable. Any work related to either plumbing, painting, plastering or equipment installation like AC and Purifier is our problem.

Internationally Trusted!


Tackles is innovative and certified for best service that any other company can't provide. We are trusted by our clients and provide new creative touch while delivering our project.






Quality Service for Clients

Work is Worship,Customers are God to us, so we provide best services than any other company as we can see from our customer's perspective and understand what needs to be done and deliver satisfactory result.

Awesome Features

Why Choose Us

Always Available

Our Team is always ready at your service and we are just one call to fix your problems.

Durable Output

Our finished product is more durable and reliable in need since we are dedicated to the work.

Adequate Prices

Tackles provides best services in fair budget plan. We prevent you from being fooled by fair services.

Multiple Project

We can handle many types of projects related to designing and maintenance and also electronics.

Honest Workers

we are completely honest with our work which makes us trustworthy with our clients.

Quality Services

We do not compromise on the quality of our service. Our company provides the best services ever.

Expert Members

We have Experts in our team so there wont be any errors in our projects.

Amazing Offers

We provide best offers and services to our clients so that we can be in mutual benefit working together.


Frequently Asked Questions

You can either give a check to our craftsman at the end of the job or you can pay by cash and you can also use credit card.
First, we need to view the project to give you a proper estimate.
You don't need to worry we select and bring the best product you need to get your job done.
It depends, but we will do our best to get you back to your home, or business, as soon as possible.
You can use our website's live chat option, or you can contact us from our contact page.
Yes you have to commit to a contract or you can quit at the beginning by discussing with us.
Yes, we are licensed.